Find Your Voice: Discovering Your Courage to Speak

A Keynote Presentation by Allison Shapira

Find Your Voice: Allison Shapira at TEDxRockCreekPark
Find Your Voice: Allison Shapira at TEDxRockCreekPark

Allison Shapira inspires people to find their voice and their courage to speak.

At its very essence, communication is about exercising leadership with your voice, connecting with your passion and finding the courage to speak your mind.

Calling on her own journey from a former opera singer to successful folk singer and business owner, Allison uses music as a way to help people find their voice at work or in their community.

She has helped corporate executives feel a greater sense of purpose in their work, nonprofit leaders renew their energy and enthusiasm to make a difference, and young professionals feel more confident exercising leadership.

We are still absorbing the powerful evening you shared with our community. We are so grateful to you for the message and music you provided. Everyone who attended the dinner learned so much and truly enjoyed themselves. Thank you for joining in our community – you are welcome anytime.

Washington DC Independent School

Not only did you give our high performing women confidence, direction, and great tools for speaking, but you inspired us all by showing us that life can take blunt turns, sending us into new adventures.  Thank you for realizing that your gifts must be shared and for doing all you do for women AND men that cross your path.

Fabiola Brumley, Senior Vice President, Southeast Regional Executive, Multinational Fortune 50 Bank

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