Highly Interactive and Fully Customized Workshops

At Global Public Speaking LLC, we firmly believe that public speaking is a skill, not a talent.

Workshops & Training

Through our programs, you will learn:

  • How to write clearly, concisely, and persuasively.
  • How to use engaging, effective, and authentic body language.
  • How to calm your nerves and add power and authority to your voice.

We design workshops that inspire adult learners to build new skills that will enhance their professional and personal lives.

Our training programs are customized to meet the needs of diverse industries, audiences, and cultural backgrounds.

All workshops include:

  • Practical skill building
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Technique development
  • Personalized speech feedback
  • Next steps for continued improvement

Workshops can be designed to suit a variety of timeframes, from a 2-hour workshop to a multi-day event.

Shapira Audience
Executives – We help executives write and deliver powerful speeches that empower and inspire their teams to work together.

Middle Managers – We work with mid-level staff to help them effectively communicate to and motivate the people they manage.

Sales Teams – Whether they speak on the phone or in person, we use role play and simulations to help sales teams create engaging and compelling sales pitches and build deep relationships with prospects and clients.

Women’s Initiatives – We help women in different sectors and at different stages in their careers overcome some of the common challenges women around the world face in professional settings and create an empowering opportunity to help them speak with confidence.

Technical Teams – We help experts explain complex ideas in clear, concise, and actionable language so that their target audiences can easily understand and follow their recommendations.

Young Professionals – We help young employees find their professional voice, allowing them to confidently and powerfully represent their company and their brand.

Emerging Leaders – We help groom the rising stars within an organization to take on a more public or client-facing role and build their own leadership skills.

Multicultural Teams – We help diverse teams communicate in a common language in ways that resonate across borders.

Attorneys – We help attorneys give powerful and persuasive presentations to judges, juries, and clients.

Entrepreneurs – We help people starting a business create powerful, authentic, and compelling investor pitches so their drive, energy, and expertise are quickly conveyed to investors, clients, and partners.

Nonprofit Leaders – We help nonprofit professionals use their passion for the mission to tell compelling stories to donors, staff, and volunteers.

Speaking with Confidence: Our foundational workshop teaches the essentials of public speaking and lays a strong foundation for developing powerful public speaking skills.

Impromptu Speaking: Learn to prepare for being unprepared in any speaking situation.

Answering Difficult Questions: Learn to maintain composure while answering difficult questions from an audience and to craft your message for a hostile crowd.

Networking and the Elevator Speech: Learn to strategically network with confidence and authenticity and to explain who you are and what you do in clear, concise language.

Using Slides Effectively: Learn to use clear and engaging visual aids to drive home your message instead of confusing your audience.

Business Development and Your Company’s Elevator Speech: What if every employee could bring you new business? Teach each of your employees to promote your company with authenticity and clarity.

Sales Calls: Through role plays and simulations, learn to speak persuasively and confidently over the phone or in person so every interaction with clients builds a strong, lasting relationship.

Media Training: Through videos and mock interviews, we teach you to speak authentically and concisely on camera.

The Art of the Pitch: Learn to pitch a proposal or business idea to a client, investor, or partner.

Storytelling: Learn the art and science of storytelling to build a personal connection with your audience and bring to life an important point.

Breathing and Controlling Nervousness: Learn the breathing methods of opera singers to add confidence and authority to your voice, ensuring the power of your voice matches the power of your words.

Contact us to create a program that fits your budget and your goals

Types of Programs

Working together, we can create a program that fits your budget and your goals. We divide our programs into three categories: Awareness, Confidence, or Excellence (ACE).

Our foundational 1.5-2 hour program

This introductory program builds knowledge and awareness of public speaking and presentation skills and the importance of finding your authentic voice in both professional and personal contexts.

  • Ideal group size: Unlimited
  • Works well during: Conferences meetings
  • Who should participate: Employees who interact with others, either by phone or in person, on a regular basis

At the end of this program, your team will:

  • Feel more confident in a variety of speaking situations
  • Understand the importance of public speaking in their professional roles
  • Know the key components to speaking with confidence
  • Feel motivated to improve their public speaking skills

Program Options

  • 1-hour interactive webinar on the essential elements of public speaking
  • 1.5-2 hour speech, presentation, or workshop

An intensive 1-2 day training program for your team

This intensive training program provides a solid foundation of public speaking and presentation skills through multiple opportunities for interactive practice and feedback. We customize the speaking exercises to simulate the exact speaking situations your employees face.

  • Ideal group size: 5-15 people
  • Works well for: Stand-alone training or part of a broader professional development program
  • Who should participate: Employees who speak at conferences or give presentations within the office and who interact with others, either by phone or in person, on a regular basis

At the end of this program, your team will:

  • Speak with greater confidence in a variety of speaking situations
  • Know the key elements of public speaking and presentation skills
  • Understand their individual strengths and areas for improvement
  • Have specific, actionable items to improve their speaking skills
  • Feel motivated to speak in public more often
  • Know the self-guided steps to continue making progress

Program Options

  • Half-Day Training Program + Individual Coaching
  • Full-Day Training Program
  • Two-Day Training Program

A transformative training program

This comprehensive, multi-stage training program creates a transformative learning experience for your employees through real-life role play, simulation, and interactive exercises designed to correspond to the actual speaking situations faced by your team.

  • Ideal Group Size: Up to 10 people
  • Works well for: Stand-alone training or part of a broader professional development program
  • Who should participate: Employees who interact with clients, investors, or donors and represent your organization to crucial audiences on a regular basis

At the end of this program, your team will:

  • Speak more confidently, persuasively, and authentically
  • Build and maintain solid relationships on behalf of your organization
  • Have a strong skill-set in public speaking and presentation skills
  • Feel ready to spend significantly more time in person with your most important target audiences

Program Options

  • Communication Assessment and In-Person Site Visits
  • Combination of Half-Day, One-Day, or Two-Day Training Programs
  • Private or Semi-Private Coaching, with video recording, for individuals
  • Ongoing email and/or Skype support for participants

We have created special public speaking programs in response to the challenges of particular communities

Public Speaking and Networking for Transitioning Veterans

Public Speaking and Networking for Transitioning Veterans

We are helping transitioning veterans who have served their country learn how to find their next civilian job through networking and public speaking training.

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Public Speaking for Women

Public Speaking for Women

Using public speaking as a form of leadership development and empowerment, we are helping women around the world find their voice to speak up about the issues that matter most.

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