We offer a variety of customized programs to help people speak with confidence and authenticity. Read below for more information on our programs and then reach out to us to find the best fit for you and your team.

We help:

  • Established leaders inspire their teams in every interaction
  • Emerging leaders step into senior roles with confidence
  • Sales professionals speak with authenticity and passion
  • Experts explain complex concepts in clear, concise terms
  • Those who fear speaking in public find their voice

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Executive Communication Coaching

One-on-one executive communication coaching to improve public speaking skills and prepare for upcoming speaking opportunities such as meetings, presentations, panels, and events.

Interactive Workshops & Breakouts

Customized interactive workshops to meet the needs of diverse industries, audiences, and cultures. Each Global Public Speaking (GPS)-certified trainer helps participants learn and practice specific techniques to speak with confidence and represent their organizations and communities.

Signature Leadership Cohorts

An intensive program which includes an analysis of your organization’s communication culture including current skill-sets, expectations, goals, and areas of improvement and a 4-6 month training program that includes our proprietary GPS Communication Assessment together with small group workshops, one-on-one executive communication coaching, and internal leadership events that create an elite cohort.

Keynote Speeches

Hire Allison Shapira to help your emerging and established leaders feel a greater sense of purpose in their work, feel more confident exercising leadership, and have renewed energy and enthusiasm to make a difference through their communication skills.

Online Training

The self-paced online learning program includes professional videos, proprietary coaching documents, and our 40-page Speaking with Confidence manual to help you learn practical techniques for public speaking and presentation skills.


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