Interactive Workshops & Breakouts

We customize our interactive workshops to meet the needs of diverse industries, audiences, and cultures. We create a safe learning space for participants of all levels. Each of our Global Public Speaking (GPS)-certified trainers uses their 20+ years of experience to help participants learn and practice specific techniques to speak with confidence and represent their organizations and communities.

We provide practical skills that participants can use immediately in their organization. Our programs include a combination of customized content, exercises, peer coaching, and immediately applicable techniques. Our goal is to prepare participants for upcoming speaking situations and craft actionable next steps for them to continue improving long after the training.

Available for groups of all sizes, industries, and levels. Duration ranges from one hour to multiple days.

All workshops include:

  • Practical skill-building exercises
  • Technique development
  • Personalized speech feedback
  • Proprietary materials
  • Next steps for continued improvement

Whether you are involved in talent management, leadership development, or capacity-building, we work with the heads of departments in any company to build powerful presentation and communication skills among staff at all levels.

Topics We Cover:

  • Speaking with Confidence: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Building Your Executive Presence
  • Mastering Impromptu Speaking
  • Speaking on Camera to the Media
  • Clarity and Conciseness: The Organizing Outline
  • Answering Difficult Questions
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Networking and the Personal Introduction
  • Communicating by Web or Phone

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