This is a good example of a resources page that serves as a directory of sorts for users:


Narrow down the current testimonials on the site to 1-2 per industry and/or service. The user would be able to browse by industry, but also see the service those individuals received (workshop, online learning, etc.)

  • Corporate and Private Sector
  • Nonprofit
  • International Organizations
  • Universities
  • Military
  • Media Training
  • Online Video Program

Survey Results (we need to walk through this and decide how this is treated. The actual survey needs to be more thoroughly explained for this info to be valuable)


Link to capture emails to Allison’s monthly newsletter with the current blog post and news from GPS


There are two ways to do this:

  1. Link to the GPS YouTube Channel to view
  2. Embed the top videos you want to share and link to YouTube for the rest

Most of the videos are still captured on Allison’s YouTube channel, so these need to be added to the GPS channel before linking or just link directly to Allison’s channel.