Helping veterans and spouses find their next civilian job through networking and public speaking training.

Thousands of transitioning veterans and spouses need to confidently and authentically promote themselves to potential employers, and build a professional network.

Global Public Speaking LLC has created highly interactive, engaging, and inspirational workshops to build public speaking and networking skills.

We help veterans and spouses make a compelling personal and professional case to potential employers. Workshops are based on brief lecture, discussion, interactive exercises, speaking opportunities, and breakout groups.

We ensure that these programs are free for veterans and supported by partners who can help make them available on a wider scale. We have taught workshops for Dog Tag Bakery, Inc. and are in discussions with different organizations working with or within the United States military to develop training programs for veterans and spouses.

Allison also offers musical keynote speeches for veterans and spouses, using her own story as a former opera singer who took a seemingly unrelated skill, re-purposed it for business use, and built a thriving business.

At the end of the trainings, these Veterans are walking away with invaluable tools and skills that will ready them to interface with future employers and establish stronger professional relationships.

Jennifer Kasker, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Poised, powerful, professional – Allison Shapira delivers hard-hitting techniques to make anyone a more effective communicator. She provided me with skills on how to establish an immediate connection and build rapport with a new person… thank you for your superior delivery and applicable tools which will help advance my career in and outside of the military.

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force