Corporate and Private Sector

I’ve worked with a lot of trainers and been through a lot of trainings – and this is the best I’ve seen!

Kathleen Matthews
Former Executive Vice President & Chief Global Communications & Public Affairs Officer, Marriott International, Inc.

We have worked with Global Public Speaking to train both sales staff and analysts, and our experience has been uniformly excellent. We have had occasion to use many consultants and GPS stands apart. We feel we get a very high return on our investment in the training and consulting they provide our staff at all levels.

David Barrosse
Managing Partner, Capstone LLC

Our company recently had our first Public Speaking Class that we video conferenced to our London, Toronto, Boston, and Stamford offices. Remote employees could dial in. The program was a huge success! Allison was so flexible and easy to work with. She listened to our needs and customized a program that was perfect for our group. She kept it brief so people would not be away from their desk – but she made every minute count. The participants ranged from people that are just starting to speak publicly to people that have had years of experience and every one of them benefited from the class. The most frequent comment was how people never knew that breathing would help them speak with authority. Allison made the class fun, interactive, and a safe place to learn. I hope to use her again in the future and would strongly recommend her for anyone looking to offer this type of class.

Senior Vice President
Asset International

As part of our Global Ambassador’s Program, Allison provided excellent training for our women mentees in both Belfast and Johannesburg. Her tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and thoughtful approach resulted in impactful takeaways for the attendees. She was a driving force in improving their overall presentation skills. Allison significantly increased their confidence, which will serve each participant well into the future. I was so impressed by Allison’s training that we have brought her in to train our Bank leaders.

Head of Business Banking, Multinational Fortune 50 Bank

I have gotten a ton of fantastic feedback from our conference participants.  With humor and skill, they were gently pushed outside their comfort zone.  Everyone appreciated the exercises and the chance to practice in a very safe and fun way.  We all are better, more confident speakers as a result of your session.

Credit Products Executive, Multinational Fortune 50 Bank

Not only did you give our high performing women confidence, direction, and great tools for speaking, but you inspired us all by showing us that life can take blunt turns, sending us into new adventures.  Thank you for realizing that your gifts must be shared and for doing all you do for women AND men that cross your path.

Senior Vice President, Southeast Regional Executive, Multinational Fortune 50 Bank

Our team had planned a special gender training program for women in the Latin America and Caribbean Region, where Allison’s training occurred on the last day. Her full-day workshop was truly top-notch, with many reporting that it was the best training they had ever taken in our organization! Allison was excellent and her exercises, tips and tricks on breathing, hands, voice, and ways to handle Q&A sessions were extremely useful and practical. The opportunity to practice short speeches in front of each other and film ourselves was also very useful and not only gave us a chance to practice, but also to build our confidence. Participants left energized, refreshed, and confident to begin implementing their new skills. We are extremely satisfied with Allison’s services. She truly offers a unique, high-quality program, leveraging her background in voice training.  We look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Luciana Marchesini
Strategy Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean, International Bank in Washington, DC

Thank you for your very engaging presentation to our members about public speaking and for your half-day session with me last week. Your skill set is really beneficial to lawyers in the many circumstances we find ourselves as communicators. I find you especially skilled at helping us stop those habits and traits that get in the way of good communication. Our individual session was truly one of my best professional development experiences since coming to the DC Bar from private practice six years ago. I am going to recommend it to other lawyers who do regular public speaking. Speaking with one’s whole body (using my diaphragm) is very challenging but I can already tell the difference. I am excited to put this technique into use. Anyone who spends time with you cannot help but become better at what they do.

Daniel Mills
Assistant Director, Practice Management Advisory Services, DC Bar

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing workshop you led for us in June. Just this week, I had a huge opportunity to present in front of nearly 200 colleagues at a very important annual conference. I was asked to deliver a 5-7 minute presentation on my company’s brand, but told in a very descriptive, story-like way. I chose to create a brand new speech and took the audience on a “virtual journey.” I employed every technique you taught: I wrote out every word, had a solid elevator speech intro and practiced out loud, over and over, to smooth out the language. I then broke it all down to bullet points, so I wouldn’t get tripped up if I didn’t remember specific phrases or words. When the big day came, I made sure my hair was pulled back, and that my outfit was conservative enough not to distract, but still represented my personality. I took a few deep breaths, and made sure to scan the audience like an oscillating fan as I presented. Oh, and I remembered to smile. : ) Although I was a little nervous, it went really well, and I have been getting fantastic feedback! I really can’t thank you enough. Your tips, techniques and advice truly made the difference. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial and share with whomever you’d like. I really appreciate your expertise, happy to let everyone else know as well!

Lacy Burke
Brand Ambassador, Ruinart Champagne


Allison’s brilliant workshop gave the (RED) team many of the tips and tools needed to become engaging public speakers. In just a couple of hours, Allison had us all on our feet confidently practicing newly acquired skills, providing feedback with is constructive and totally actionable…Allison, my team is talking about your presentation nonstop — you made an incredible difference. If they are better pitchers, you have played a big part in saving many lives. Thank you again.

Deborah Dugan
CEO, (Red)™

Today it was more than ‘public speaking’. Allison took us on a new communication journey where she taught us that with passion and authenticity, you can impact the lives of others.

Marjorie Chorro de Trigueros

It was nothing short of a miracle to work with you in Uganda. Being able to talk about some of the things I have not been able to convey objectively before was groundbreaking for me. For example, I never thought I would find a way to talk to the policy makers…until that pitching session.  Thank you so much. It would be wonderful to work with you again.

Participant from Southern Africa
Vital Voices VVLEAD Fellowship Program

I am writing to you again to let you know that the public speaking and media training you did were really effective. I got out of my comfort zone and I did an interview with one of the biggest news channels in South East Asia. I am also sitting on a…panel in Singapore next month. In addition to that, I have been nominated to deliver an opening speech at a…forum in September in New York. I would have never done any of this without your training and encouragement. I just wanted to say thank you.

Participant from Asia
Vital Voices FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentorship Program

Global Public Speaking LLC & its founder Allison Shapira are more than communications consultants: they are true corporate partners. Allison is a great leader and facilitator of both large and small group sessions. In addition, she takes the time to work with people one-on-one ensuring they have the tools they need to perform and communicate at the highest possible level. Her skills allow her to connect with people in a personal and professional manner that helps her participants to be confident, prepared, and organized in their delivery. I can and do highly recommend Allison for her coaching and workshops.

Alvin Allgood
Chief Operating Officer, Vital Voices Global Partnership

Allison Shapira was the dose of energy and enthusiasm our organization needed. We have policy and defense experts who often struggle with communicating effectively to their audience, and though we offer them a series of communications trainings, Allison taught our members new and innovative ways of connecting with their audience that have already proven to be useful in the professional and personal lives. We strongly recommend Allison for any audience of any skill level. There is truly something for everyone and each participant leaves energized and more confident.

Brandon Fureigh
Chief Strategy Officer, Truman National Security Project

As you can see [from your evaluations], you almost went off the charts! As a planner and trainer, I was so pleased to see a full room with an audience so thoroughly engrossed in your presentation. The exercises were especially useful, and I was especially proud of how well our intern shined during his brief speech. Public speaking can so easily give people confidence. You made it seem natural and even easy, and you truly conveyed how powerful the spoken word can be.

Program Manager
Events & Training, Global Ties U.S.

I had my doubts about using a speech coach, but after working with Allison Shapira in preparation for an upcoming conference, I realized what an essential coach she is for those who want to fine tune their speaking skills. She will give you great advice on breathing techniques and tips that will make you much more confident in your next speech.

The Washington Diplomat

I’ve worked in nonprofit marketing/communications for 15+ years, and there is no shortage of people who position themselves as “expert” storytellers. But the people who come to this craft propelled by their own transformative story and a passion for helping people find their own voice are few and far between. Allison is among them. While I only got a snapshot of her approach in our 90 minute session, her own compelling story combined with her welcoming demeanor resulted in a room full of strangers sharing their personal stories and understanding the power of telling them.

Lori Warren
Senior Marketing Communications Manager, KIPP Foundation

International Organizations

When regular public speaking became essential to my position in the organization, I knew I needed to move beyond dreading these events and begin taking advantage of the opportunities.  Allison Shapira helped me tremendously in approaching speaking opportunities with more confidence and organization.  She has given me a customized preparation plan that I still use before each speaking opportunity to ensure that I am communicating clearly with my audience, am comfortable with my remarks, and deliver my message with passion – all critical to raising funds for UNICEF’s work around the world.

New England, U.S. Fund for UNICEF

I spent two months this year taking private lessons with Allison Shapira to improve my public speaking. I’d taken a similar workshop the year before, so I was expecting to work on some of the same basic skills. But I had no idea how many new game-changing techniques I’d learn with Allison. Thanks to her excellent ear, she also taught me how to focus in on altering subtle details in intonation that really engage an audience and bring a talk into high definition. If you’re interested in taking your communication to the next level, I highly recommend Global Public Speaking.

Young Professional
Inter-American Development Bank


You are an amazing teacher. You may have taught for just an hour, but that hour changed my life last year and I have you to thank you.

Undergraduate student
Women’s Initiative in Leadership, Harvard University Institute of Politics

Thank you so much for taking the time to lead the Women’s Initiative in Leadership’s public speaking workshop. The workshop was flawless and I was so pleased with the discussion you were able to facilitate and the tangible skills and best practices that you left all of the participants with. Excellent public speaking skills are a requisite for any successful leader, so your workshop is a fundamental component of what makes our program worthwhile for everyone involved. Your candidness and capability to teach by example truly enhanced the tone of the workshop, and I cannot thank you enough for your time and efforts.

Women’s Initiative in Leadership, Harvard University Institute of Politics

I always thought I was a good public speaker, but had no idea how much of a diamond in the rough I was until I met Allison. She helped polish my public speaking, but, most importantly, she gave me the confidence to stand tall. Each time I am asked to speak, I think back on the lessons I learned from Allison — from how to breathe and relax my body, to letting my passion shine through. I left the Latino Leadership Initiative with a toolkit for success in public speaking. Every minute with Allison is worth its weight in gold. What really floored me about Allison, however, was her teaching method. She includes everyone’s ideas and allows the students to realize that they have the answers within them already, they just needed someone to show them where to find it. Best of all, she does it with a warm smile and kind heart. It is clear that Allison has a passion for teaching and empowering people. She is an expert at helping people feel comfortable in their own skin, which is the key to winning in all aspects of public speaking. When Allison speaks, we all listen, because every word is full of wisdom. I’m grateful that our lives have crossed paths.

Latino Leadership Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School


Poised, powerful, professional…Allison Shapira delivers hard-hitting techniques to make anyone a more effective communicator.  She provided me with skills on how to establish an immediate connection and build rapport with a new person. As an Air Force officer who deals with senior leaders and decision makers, time is of the essence. Ms. Shapira, in her “Elevator Speech” class, gave me useful techniques to engage a senior leader and convey information in a coherent and meaningful way. I am confident that the skills she taught me will make me a more effective communicator and more focused leader. Thank you for your superior delivery and applicable tools which will help advance my career in and outside of the military.

Lieutenant Colonel
United States Air Force

At the end of the trainings, these Veterans are walking away with invaluable tools and skills that will ready them to interface with future employers and establish stronger professional relationships.

Jennifer Kasker
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Online Video Program

Allison’s online program changed the way I feel about public speaking. Through a clever and fun journey I discovered the top secrets of public speaking: how to organize the writing, how to connect with people when delivering, and how to speak on the breath. More importantly, I learned how to see public speaking as something natural and familiar. I really enjoyed the practice tools towards the end. Yes, practice is everything but Allison shows you how to do it. I don’t know how Allison did it but what I learned during her program remains tattooed in my mind.

Martin Furlong
International Business Consultant and Educator