Reviews of Speak with Impact

Allison Shapira has become not only a master of public speaking but one of the best speech coaches in the U.S. In this new book, she provides a clear, practical roadmap for those who want to have impact in today’s clamorous world. If you want to excel on your feet, read this, keep this, and read again.

David Gergen

CNN Senior Political Analyst, Harvard Kennedy School Professor of Public Service, and former White House Advisor to four presidents

Allison can and has proved that anyone can learn to lead; it all starts with your voice.

Jordan Hewson

Founder, Speakable

If you want to improve your public speaking, spend a few hours with Allison’s book. It’s loaded with good advice and tricks of the trade that will help you up your game.

Dan Heath

co-author, <em>Made to Stick</em> and <em>The Power of Moments</em>

The brilliance of Speak with Impact is in its simple genius. Allison’s lessons are by nature specific, practical, and transferable. With Allison’s help, I was able to arm my team with the proper tools needed to enhance their presentations skills and build self-assurance in public speaking.

Deborah Dugan


Allison has written a practical and thoughtful guide to public speaking that equips the reader with a powerful set of tools that are applicable to any presentation or speaking opportunity. Allison successfully blends her narrative voice with key takeaways that I found to be incredibly useful.

Bruce Soll

Counselor, L Brands

Allison skillfully commands the attention of her audiences with professionalism, grace, humor, and insight. Through Speak with Impact, she provides pragmatic tools, practical advice, and examples that will help readers build powerful public speaking skills.

Zoë Dean-Smith

Vice President, Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship, Vital Voices Global Partnership

Reading  Speak with Impact is like having a one-on-one session with a master trainer in public speaking. Allison Shapira’s practical advice and well-hewn insights are captured on every page and will give novice speakers confidence and seasoned veterans a stronger voice.

Jeffrey Seglin

 Senior Lecturer and  Director, Harvard Kennedy School Communications Program

Allison Shapira’s new book is as much about leadership as it is about public speaking. She prods us to ask tough questions: what do we want to accomplish, who is our audience, why should they listen to us? And then she makes us critique ourselves and test our messages with the audience. I wish I had met her years ago.

Geraldine Laybourne

Media Entrepreneur, First President, Nickelodeon, Co-founder, Oxygen